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DIY // tiny house christmas tree alternative

tiny christmas tree alternative

It's December, and finally you allow yourself to go christmas shopping. Then what is the first thing that comes to mind? Exactly, a christmas tree. However many people (including ourselves) live in tiny houses without any place left for a tree. Too bad? Not at all! In this blog post we will give you two alternatives for a christmas tree that are perfect for bringing the holiday vibe into your home without the need for much space. And they go perfectly together!


for the wooden tree:
- a piece of (underlayment) wood
- a string of christmas lights (ours was 5 meter)
- a few nails
- a hammer
- tapeline

for the decoration:
- erlenmeyer flasks
- test tubes
- little "christmas" branches (ours is Taxus)


1. Attach your first nails to the wood. Start with the upper one for the top of your tree (make sure it is located in the middle) and the two lower ones for the left and right corner of your tree.
2. Use the tapeline to measure the distance between the upper nail and the two lower ones.
3. Attach a new nail to the wood along the line of your tapeline within a certain distance. We've used a distance of 4 centimeters between our nails.
4. Attach the lights to the nails in such a way the pattern of a christmas tree appears
5. Fill the test tubes and erlenmeyer flasks with little (look a like) christmas branches to complete the christmas feeling of a real tree.

What is your favourite alternative of a christmas tree?


Happy DIYing!

Tiny house christmas tree alternative


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