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DIY // copper pipes

DIY copper pipe vase

Hey lovely crafters! Ever felt like you can't stop making changes in your interior? Let's shake hands. We made you a new DIY where our test tubes are combined with a simple copper pipe. The copper pipe makes it super stylish and the good thing is that this DIY gives you endless styling possibilities. Curious? Read more below!


- copper pipe (ours was 22mm)
- pipe cutter of the same size
- test tubes of the same size (we've used the printable test tubes)
- brass polish
- super glue
- flowers (we've used Scabiosa)


1. Cut the pipe into different pieces with the pipe cutter (available at construction markets). There is no real prescription about the lengths in which the pipe should be cut. We cut the pipe into different lengths for a playful assymetrical look but you can make them as small or large as you like.
2. Polish the pieces with brass polish to give the copper a cleaner look.
3. Glue the tubes on some of the pipes. We have used different lenghts and we also left quite some pieces as they are.
4. Make sure the glue has dried. Fill the tubes with water and some flowers.

As you can see we didn't glue the different parts on to each other. By leaving them as individual parts it gives plenty of styling possibilities. Another tip: copper looks very beautiful when it is combined with light colours of wood.


Happy DIYing!

DIY copper pipe vase

DIY copper pipe vase      DIY copper pipe vase

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