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DIY // antlers made of empty test tubes

DIY antlers from test tubes

As a little part of our website, we thought it would be a nice idea to provide you with some inspiration of what to do with the empty test tubes from your orders. And here's a first that perfectly fits with the time of the year! How about some DIY antlers to upgrade your home? And the great thing about it is that it's a really easy and quick one as well. Whoop whoop let's get to work!


- a piece of wood (e.g. triplex/multiplex)
- 2 tool clamps and corresponding screws (make sure you pick the right size)
- 1 painting pendant and corresponding nails
- 2 empty test tubes
- a saw
- a small hammer
- a screwdriver
- sandpaper
- wood glue
- some sheets of paper
- basic materials such as a pencil, ruler, scissors etc.


1. Draw the shape of the background board on a sheet of paper. We have made two identical shapes, a bigger and smaller one.
2. Cut out the shapes and draw it on the piece of wood
3. Cut the wood along the lines of the shapes
4. Soften the edges using sandpaper
5. Glue the smaller shape on top of the bigger one using wood glue
6. Attach the painting pendant on the back of the wooden board
7. Screw the tool clamps on the front of the wooden board. Use the test tubes to find out where the tool clamps should be attached.
8. Click the test tubes in the clamps and READY you are!

And hey, your home is now officially christmas-proof! So holidays what are you waiting for? And what if winter is over? No worries, just replace your bare branches for some beautiful flower branches in spring and it will continue to look great in your home.


Happy DIYing!
And don't forget to share your pics :-)



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