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Birambi // the next level

After one year of experimenting we have decided it was the right time to take Birambi to another level. And what a year it was. A crazy christmas period (like REALLY crazy), lots of new products, meeting great new people, plenty of lovely comments both online at social media and offline at the markets. We couldn't think of a better start. Thank you.

For the next level we have decided to focus on our most wanted product: the test tube. We think it's the perfect way of packaging for cute little gifts. Of course, a message can still be added to every product to keep it personal. These 'messages in a bottle' are the modern equivalent of a traditional card while referring back to the old days. Perfect for snailmail lovers like us!

So, curious about what to expect? We have lots of new products in store for you (and even more to come) -- all packaged in 'bottles'. Another new feature is that -- as you can see -- our website has been extended with a blog. Soon you will find here the greatest DIYs for what to do with the leftovers of our products. And we will publish some free printables as well.

Birambi 2.0 is ready for way more years to come!

BIRAMBI // message in a bottle

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