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Forests are turning red and yellow, leaves are falling, it's getting cold 'n rainy: no doubt autumn has arrived. We have started the season with lots of DIY moments for a special occasion: the INSTASWAP 2015 fall edition. A great initiative to share some kindness. It was the first time we've participated and besides the many DIY gifts we've made we also designed a pattern specifically related to this cozy season. We have used the pattern to finish our Instaswap box. And we've decided to share it with you! Enough occassions for which you can use some nice wrapping paper in the coming few weeks, right? And of course the pattern is also nice to frame or find another way to include it in your interior during the season.

The pattern can be downloaded HERE //

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  • estetoscopio como montar

    Eս preciso tе agradecer pοr isto boa
    ler!!!! Εu absolutamente amei ϲada um pouco ɗe isso.
    Eu tenho você livro marcado olhar noѵo coisas
    qսe você postar…

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